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Chicken Lollipop Mix 60g x 2 Pack

Chicken Lollipop Mix 60g x 2 Pack

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Chicken Lollipop Mix

A spicy blend of garlic, Chinese 5 spices  to give you a delicious batter for chicken lollipops. Use in stir-fry veggies, potatoes or chicken! 

el the cook chicken lolipop mix

About This Item 

  • Presenting a Spicy Chinese flavoured premix with ingredients like Garlic, Ginger & Schezwan Chilli pepper powder.
  • Hassle Free, Quick Chinese Cooking - as No other Ingredients needed while cooking. No prep or chopping needed
  • 100% Vegetarian . Dilute with egg and water make Crispy Paneer or veggies like Potato, Cauliflower etc. Cook in Oven, Air-frier, Gas-top!
  • Packed in Single Use Pack - Makes 4 Serves. Keep Sealed, Use Dry spoon and store in Fridge once opened. Can be used for 9 months from date of manufacture
  • 100% Natural, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free PREMIUM Gourmet Marinade. No Added Colours/ No Added Flavours, No Preservatives, No MSG

 This is a Vegetarian Product


Made with Authentic Chinese ingredients like Schezwan Chilli peppers, Ginger, onion, Chinese 5 spices.

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How To Use with Different Recipes

el the cook chicken lolipop premix
el the cook chicken lolipop premix
el the cook chicken lolipop premix

Net Weight: 60g per sachet

Shelf Life: 12 Months

Storage: Once opened, Keep Refrigerated.

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Customer Reviews

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makes 1/2kg lolipops!

If you love chinese food, then this premix will be one of the best decisions you will make.

great for deep frying & crispy paneer cooking

Coming to the premix, this is an Authentic product and I can confidently tell this because I have consumed a lot of chinese food and can identify it anywhere.

good product

I have used this brand over many years but used it for the first time here in India.

5 stars

I liked the product from the flavor to the presentation bit.

amazing price

This is a fantastic product and a must recommend one.