Food Additives - What are they?

Food Additives - What are they?

Food additives are chemicals that make food more tasty, fragrant, easy to process and pack in a factory & make food stay fresh for longer time. They are used by Food companies, grocers, restaurants, hotels, bakeries etc.

In fact, almost all the food that we eat, that is not made in our kitchens, contains additives!! If you don't believe it, just go ahead & pick up the first packaged food product you find - be it a ketchup bottle or a biscuit packet or a savory snack like chips. Just looking at these packets makes you wanna take a break & grab a snack before reading on, doesn't it?

Food Additives in Our Pantry!

Now try and read the information written in the smallest font possible - the Ingredients - and look out for ingredients mentioned that you normally don't use in your kitchen. Did you find any? Well of course, you did...the list is full of them. And if this is not enough, read on to find this sentence on each pack-

 "Contains Added Flavour (Natural & Nature Identical Flavouring Substances)"

 So lets see the ingredients again in detail:

Acidity regulators, thickening agents, preservatives, raising agents, inverted sugars, stabilizers and the list continues....

Don't the above ingredients sound like something that belongs in a Chemistry Lab?? Well, the funny part is that each of these ingredients was actually made in a chemical lab or a factory! They have then been sent to the individual food companies in order to make their products tastier, fresher & more appealing to customers like You and Me.

In our present day lives, we hardly have any time to shop, let alone read each pack ingredients, and know more about them. The easier thing to do is, just keep your eyes closed & pick up off the shelf, what looks & tastes the best! Either ways, is there any other option???

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