What is EL THE COOK®  Ready Tadka?

EL THE COOK®  Ready Tadka is a careful mixture of select spices which are tempered in Ghee/Oil and hygienically packed ready for consumption. 

Does it contain Preservatives, Additives or MSG?

All products are completely natural, free from Additives, Colors, Flavors & Preservatives. You can read more about harmful effects of food additives HERE.

How does EL THE COOK®  Tadka remain FRESH (not get spoiled)?

Do you remember seeing old grandmothers making pickles? They used fresh mangoes/ veggies and preserved them without using any preservatives!! Well, our products use a similar technique of natural preservation without compromising on taste & quality.

Are the products Gluten & Wheat Free?

Yes! The whole range of EL THE COOK®  products are gluten and wheat free, including our Tadkas!

Are the Tadkas vegan?

Most of our products contain Pure Cow Ghee and hence are not vegan. However, currently we have Curd Rice, Sabudana Khichadi & Lemon Rice which are completely vegan.

How do I use the Tadkas?

Just follow the easy-to-cook instructions mentioned on each box or jar on the box to watch video on how to cook. You can also see cooking videos on each product page on our website.

Can I use EL THE COOK® Tadkas for anything else?

All our Tadkas are natural and preservative free & so it is safe (and delicious) to eat them straight out of the sachet! Our Tadkas are very versatile and can be used as a tempering for many dishes including Dals, rice, vegetables etc. You could even try using it as a spread, dip, marinade, stir fry sauce or to make a curry. Check our website regularly for new recipes and ways to use your Tadkas, or sign up to our newsletter. You can also send your creations to info@elthecook.com or tag using #addtadkatoyourlife and get featured.

What is the best way to store my Tadkas and Meal kits?

You can keep your products at room temperature in your kitchen shelf for upto 9 months. You may keep Tadka Jars in the fridge too. 

Do you accept COD?

Yes, we offer Cash on Delivery (COD) within India at additional charges of Rs. 99 per order, below Rs 499/-. Please select the COD option at checkout and complete your order.

Do you ship Outside India?

We are currently working on International Shipping. Please contact us on +91 9960290006 for more information.