Riya Mitra, Jamshedpur

I am a 'Bigg foodie' 😄. Also a fact about me is ‘I can’t tolerate hunger’. It makes me very irritated and I get sudden headache & nausea because of that.

Elthecook has made easy-to-cook boxes, that are so effortless, convenient & time saving. It’s 100% natural, no chemicals, dehydrated ingredients, added colors or flavors. It’s just so hassle-free cooking that even people who don’t know or want to spend much time on cooking, yet want delicious food without compromising on quality, can prepare it.

Ordered some more variants for home & my sister who stays alone & away from family. Both my husband and her, hate cooking but love eating😀
So guys, if you want to give yourself some leisure time, away from kitchen and enjoy with family, friends and food..
GIVE THIS A TRY! Trust me it taste delicious and the quality of the basmati rice is brilliant.

PS. My Daughter enjoyed it thoroughly!


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