My super yummy freshly cooked lunch was ready in minutes. I made Jeera Onion Rice and Dal Tadka. This was effortless. Thanks to @elthecook

Just pressure cooked the dal/ rice for 3 whistles and then added the tadka to it .
THAT'S IT. I am definitely taking these EASY COOK KITS with me on all my future trips.
Note: These are not cooked for you but you can cook them in just 3-4 minutes. This means what you eat is absolutely fresh with no added preservatives
The dal and the rice tasted better than the dhaba. Veer loved the taste.

I am so happy that I can now give Veer fresh and healthy food on the go
Thank you @elthecook for comig up with such an amazing product. I wish I had you during my college days


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