This Indian pulao was our lunch today, which i made in just 10 minutes! Hard to believe isn't it? Well, with @elthecook - tasty ready made Tadka everything's possible. I'm not fond of packaged ready to cook kinda meals for the very reason of being laden with chemicals and preservatives. Even when I'm running out of time i make it a point to cook simple daal chawal, khichdi or boiled potatoes rice.
But i tried out Elthecook because of its totally out of the box concept, where you get ready made tadkas along with the other ingredients which makes a meal in ten minutes minus all chemicals and preservatives. This would be a total boon for people who are traveling overseas especially for vegeterians, for students, bachelors and also for me (though i love to cook, now that i know something like this is available i will definitely opt for it when I'm in no mood to cook but want to eat yummy 😁) .
The pulao tasted as delicious as it looked. It was quite flavorful and had the taste of freshly made masalas. This is safe for kids too, my 3year old enjoyed it. Thank you for making our weekday lunch a special one😊

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