Harsimran Kaur

Moving can be one heck of a task and it gets over your head with a cranky toddler around. Elaborate cooking, obviously, takes a backseat in such a situation. Thanks to some easy-breezy ready-to-cook stuff available nowadays that one's able to manage things. Reaching back home after a few months, I was a total mess. To my bliss, I received a pack of ready-to-cook kits from @elthecook which are 100% natural and preservatives-free.
This Indian Pulav Kit was a total hit with us as it got ready in just 10-12 minutes with minimal efforts. The kit comes with four packs- * Basmati Rice * Tadka * Fried Onions * Ghee Roasted Cashewnuts .
All I had to do was follow the instructions mentioned on the box and relax. The aromatic and rich flavoured pulav was ready in no time which we enjoyed with some raita and salad. .All in all, it's a saviour for the people who are working late, traveling or have any such situation where they cannot afford much time and efforts to get a delicious homemade instant meal. The best part is it's so easy to put together that anyone can cook😃 .

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