Jab man nahi ho cooking ka
Par khaana chahiye ghar ka
Bana diya Elthecook pulav jhatpat
Kha liya sabne isko fatafat.😋😋
Imagine the scenario— You are a student living in a hostel or a person renting a room from your landlord ! Or maybe you are traveling overseas and are missing Indian food or find it’s too expensive to eat all three meals on a budget ! Or you are a working couple whose cook has taken a holiday and you can’t tolerate outside food ! Or maybe you feel just plain lazy to do elaborate cooking that day !! Hundreds of reasons to try out this Indian pulav kit from @elthecook !!
This is a revolutionary way to cook !! No no don’t worry - they have no added preservatives, no added artificial flavors and colors ! Yes you do have to cook it but it’s quick, no chopping required , and even the garnish is provided !!
The packing is awesome !
I was sent this Indian Pulav kit for review and I loved it when they told me just write your honest opinion!( this is called confidence in your product !!😍😍) Well I was super confident this is a super hit when I smelled the lovely aromas of ghee infused spices in the tadka they provided along with the rice, and the garnish of fried onions and cashews!! It was so simple to cook even the littlefoodie will be able to ( of course you have to supervise kids in the kitchen !)
Try this and several other products they have and I am sure you will love it ! Good quality, easy to cook, great to taste and no preservatives- what more you want in your meal !? Highly recommended!

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