Cabbage Kebabs’…call all the Cabbage haters (I’ve one in my family also) and make them taste this Kebab, and then ask them what is the main ingredient in it? They’ll keep thinking, I’m saying this, out of my own experience. Between you giving the answer that person will grab another kebab and start eating, then watch the face reaction. 😄 Completely addictive, and packed with good nutrients, you need these snackies in your life. Perfect for match days or make them in large batches for any party. When @elthecook asked me to make something different with their Ready to use Tadka Packs a few days back, I loved the idea. And why not Indian spices are so versatile, and they’re most common in many recipes we make. So, yes, of course, you can make delicious Kebabs with Dal Tadka spice blend. The spice blend is a flavour bomb on its own and can give your humble dal a restaurant-style makeover. Along with the natural spices the base of the Dal Tadka is made of desi cow ghee, so, expect more flavours in the end dish. The pack which consists Tadka only comes very handy when you’re running out of time and need to prepare a quick meal. These are also useful if you’re planning to cook during travelling.

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