We all Indian agrees that dal chawal are the basic and super comfort food of India.
Nothing can replace it and its needed atleast once in a day. @elthecook discovered India's first ever tadka kit. Which is so easy to use (u can chkout my previous 2 videos for more). @elthecook introducing lots of product range like daltadka, jeera onion rice, khichdi, pulao kit and many more. I personally feel so satisfaction after using this kits.
I got two amazing kits one is daltadka and another one about jeera onion rice. Both kits are amazing specially that Ghee wala tadka 😍 😍 😍 😍. kit costing rs. 229/- per package
Ratings 4/5
Value of money 3/5
I suggest you all for using this amazing product. This kit is designed for students, outsiders, when you r lazy 😜. Go and chkout varieties of product... U can using my coupon BHUKKADGABRU10 and gets 10%discount on sale.
Thank you so much @elthecook for discovered these amazing tadka kits.

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