traditional Indian dishes involves mostly a lot of steps. Roasting spices, grinding masalas, cooking, tempering so on and so forth.
In the busy cities and fast moving life style, people have opted for easy going recipes and fast foods.
Now, with @elthecook you no longer have to struggle cooking your favorite traditional foods. They have brought to us a wide range of ready tadkas, meal kits and masalas which are made with love and no compromise with taste, using original ingredients.
Here is the Ready Pongal Tasks which makes preparing the delicious, traditional Pongal hassle free. It needs no tempering and worrying about the spluttering of cumin, ghee around the stove top. Just add directly to the cooked Pongal and it's ready to serve. Made using pure cow's ghee and hand picked ingredients like cumin, pepper and curry leaves etc., @elthecook Ready-to-use Tadka is a must have in the kitchens for those ladies who are always in a hurry to pack lunch boxes, bachelors who are scared of tempering, men who want it to be easy peasy work and less utensils to wash 😜
Also the ready-to-use tadkas are now available in compact and spill proof containers which makes it all the more easier to store and handle.
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