Know Your Spices - Poppy Seeds or Khus-Khus

Poppy Seeds or Khus-Khus used in EltheCook Readymade Tadka (Tempered SPice blends). Shipping worldwide
Poppy Seeds or Khus-Khus
One of the most controversial spices are these tiny kidney shaped seeds harvested from dried poppy pods. YES! same plants from which opium is produced, but the seeds contain little to no opiates like morphine and codeine as they are obtained from the pods after drying.
Poppy Seed bagels and Muffins are common in the US. Europe uses them widely in breads like Cozonac, a Romanian sweet bread and Poppy Seed Strudel, during Christmas!
In India, Poppy seeds are ground to a paste to thicken gravies and to add flavour to dishes. But the seeds are hard to grind and usually dry roasted or broiled to extract flavor.
In Bengali cuisine, Posto, incorporates poppy seeds generously and a variety of dishes like aloo posto (smooth potato gravy), pyaj posto (onion) and murgh posto (chicken). Household traditions defines the use of poppy seeds, some recipes blend the seeds with mustard oil (kancha posto). Other cuisines use poppy seeds as a garnish in sweets such as Maharashtrian anarsa, Gasagase Payasam made with coconut, jaggery and milk and Kashmiri kulcha cookies bathed in ghee! Teas are also brewed from poppy seeds.
Did you know that Poppy seeds are banned in UAE, Singapore, Saudi Arabia and Taiwan for trace content of opioids?
Tell us your experiences with poppy seeds, in the comments below!
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