Garlic used in EltheCook Readymade Tadka (Tempered SPice blends). Shipping worldwide

Know your Spices - Garlic or Lahsun

Garlic used in EltheCook Readymade Tadka (Tempered SPice blends). Shipping worldwide
Garlic has been used for over 5000 years as food, medicine, an aphrodisiac, money, and magic potions. In fact, Garlic clove pendants were used to ward off the evil eye and hung over doors to keep away evil forces & negative energy. It was worshiped by the Egyptians as a god and used as local currency.

Inspite of being so popular and easily available all across the globe, garlic is still not consumed by many. It is believed to stimulate and warm the body which increases one's desires. Others don’t eat it because of its strong pungent smell and the fact that its 'stink or garlic breath’ lasts for a long time. Many also consider that it promotes aggression due to its spicy & pungent flavor.

Garlic lovers are found all over the world. There are few cultures which cannot do without garlic. Italian cuisine uses garlic or onions (a close relative) in almost all savory dishes. So does the whole of Asia and Middle East. It has a characteristic pungent, spicy flavor that mellows and sweetens considerably with cooking.

Medicinal uses include maintaining cholesterol levels & blood pressure, prevents ageing & heart & brain diseases. In olden days, Chinese doctors prescribed garlic for men with ‘intimacy problems.

Follow us as @elthecook explores the depth of this ‘Pungent’ spice when tempered in hot ghee. Tempering releases multiple flavor compounds which results in a complex flavor profile of the final dish!
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