Know Your Spices - Coriander or Dhania

Coriander used in EltheCook Readymade Tadka (Tempered SPice blends). Shipping worldwide
Coriander, Cilantro or Dhania is in fact one of the original ingredients in the secret formula for Coca-Cola!!! The seeds are usually added to dishes while cooking, and the leaves are added for garnish, just before serving. Interestingly, the taste of the seed & leaf is quite different from each other & cannot be swapped for each other in a recipe.

Whole, Pounded, Roasted, in spice blends, as a Powder, for #Pickling, #brewingbeer, as a flavor for sausages & breads & for its essential Oil, Coriander seeds are indeed quite a handful. 
Interestingly, the flavor of the seeds changes depending on the extent to which it is pounded & flavor is hugely amplified by roasting it prior to pounding.

Coriander plants are completely edible - from root to seed. It is a Herb & a spice.
Funny, other spices are used to add more flavour, but coriander is sometimes added to tone down other spices and balance the dish.

Follow us as @elthecook explores the depth of this ‘Earthy’ spice. .
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