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Awadhi Korma Tadka Jar | 180g

Awadhi Korma Tadka Jar | 180g


Price: ₹699


EL THE COOK, Artisan Series are Small, Micro-Batch Tadkas, made in limited quantity only. These are seasonal and rare Indian Recipes, whose secrets are closely guarded by their makers.

These Recipes are Crafted to Perfection with Premium Ingredients cooked by true Artisan Chefs. 


"Sham-e-Awadh" or an "Evening in Awadh" is an experience, which fills your senses with rich aromas of the finest cardamom & nutmeg, while slow-roasted meats burn over warm coals, enveloping all your senses. Such was the daily stroll of the Nawabs of the Princely State of Awadh, in the not so distant past..

At EL THE COOK®, our Artisan Chefs, have created a tadka encompassing this rich, and royal culinary experience, with aromas like Green Cardamom, Cloves & Mace.

Awadhi Korma Tadka personifies the Glories of Awadh.

Crafted in Pure Ghee, the gentle flavour of Green Cardamom, Mace and creamy cashews, is incorporated in a yogurt base. This Tadka represents Awadhi cuisine in its truest form..





1) Marinade 500g Mutton/Lamb/ Chicken with EL THE COOK® Awadhi Korma Tadka as per taste. Add Salt as per Taste. Leave to Rest for 30 Minutes.

2) In a Pan, Sear Marinated Meat for 5-10 minutes.

3) Add 2 cups of water and cook, covered for 30-40 minutes or till meat is tender.


Net Weight:
180gm Jar (For 2-3kg of Mutton/Lamb/Chicken)

Shelf Life:
9 Months

Once opened, Keep Refrigerated.

Delivered within 2-4 Working Days.

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Price: ₹699


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Nutritionals & Ingredients

Rogan Josh Tadka (180g) made with:
Cold Pressed Mustard Oil, Black Pepper, Chili, Ginger, Salt, Asafetida, Curd, Fennel, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cubeba, Clove.
Preservatives/ Flavors/ Colors
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Customer Q&A

  • How Much Tadka Do I Use?

    1-2 Teaspoons of Ready Tadka per cup of Cooked Rice/Dal

  • Are there instructions on the Jar?

    Yes, Each Tadka Jar has detailed instructions on how to cook the recipe. 

  • After Opening, How do I store the Jar?

    After Opening, Store in Fridge between 4-8°C.

  • Are the spices separately provided? Do I have to make the Tadka?

    The Tadka is Ready-to-Use!

    The Whole Spices & herbs are already tempered in ghee. Simply pour it over cooked rice/dal, mix & Enjoy!

  • Do we have to Heat the Tadka before Use?

    No need to heat the tadka.
    Just open the jar and add 1-2 spoons to your cooked dish. It's ready to eat!

  • How does the Ready Tadka stay fresh without Preservatives?

    Our Tadkas are Ghee-Based with Premium Whole Spices. It is a  naturally preserved Masala where ghee acts as a natural Preservative.

  • Why Do You Use Ghee in the Tadka Masala?

    Pure Cow Ghee acts as a Natural Preservative and imparts taste as well as health. Ghee is a Healthy Saturated Fat which helps to increase Healthy Cholesterol (HDL) and is good for heart heath, without increasing weight.

  • What is the Shelf Life?

     Tadka Masala has an expiry of 9 months from date of manufacture.

  • How Spicy is the Tadka Masala?

    Our Team at EL THE COOK, takes the utmost care to balance out the spice levels of a Tadka Masala. 

    We recommend to use a little of the masala first. Mix it well & taste. Then add more if needed.

  • I want to travel with your Ready Tadka Jars, how is it packed?

    All our Ready Tadka Jars are factory sealed. Our dispatch team ensures your orders are individually packed and sealed, as per Indian or International standards, as per the country regulations. 

    There are no customs clearance issues with our products in any country including Australia.

  • How do I order this item abroad?

    EL THE COOK delivers worldwide!

    You can place your orders on our  site & select your Shipping country at checkout. Shipping charges will be calculated accordingly. 

  • I want to buy this in bulk, as I am travelling abroad. Will I face customs issues?

    EL THE COOK is a branded food product. All details including manufacturing date, expiry date, batch number, ingredient lists & storage conditions are clearly mentioned on the pack, and no customs issues occur.

    If you do have any queries or need help, our International Team is available for help!